May 2015 Press Release

VEMEC and NHCRC Announce Partnership to Enhance Access to High-Quality Care for Veterans and Their Families during Disasters and Emergencies

Los Angeles, May 1, 2015 — The Veterans Emergency Management Evaluation Center (VEMEC) and National Healthcare Coalition Resource Center (NHCRC) are partnering to enhance access to high-quality care for Veterans and their families during disasters and emergencies. The collaboration is a strategic partnership that combines the audience reach of the second largest and oldest agency of the Federal Government and a pioneering, non-profit healthcare coalition to lead the conversation on issues important to Veterans and their families. 

VEMEC and NHCRC Directors—Aram Dobalian and Tim Stephens—believe that the collaboration between the two Centers will provide opportunities for participants to engage in an innovative, interdisciplinary learning environment.  The aim of this collaboration is to increase healthcare system capacity and care coordination for Veterans within and outside the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. 

“As the son of a Veteran who served during World War II, I am proud of the work that VEMEC, NHCRC, and many other organizations do in healthcare coalitions to ensure that Veterans, their families, and their communities are able to recover from emergencies and disasters. This event brings together the innovative, evidence-based work being done by coalitions across the nation in a unique forum for shared learning.”

VEMEC’s 6th Annual ARC Conference will be held jointly with NHCRC’s 4th Annual National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference (NHCPC). The 2015 ARC Conference will include a series of disaster-specific panel sessions—ranging from building and maintaining resiliency to disaster care coordination for hospitals—and networking breaks.

For more information about VEMEC and NHCRC, connect on their respective social media accounts:

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About VEMEC: The Veterans Emergency Management Evaluation Center (VEMEC) is part of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). VEMEC was established to expand the evidence base in emergency management and help VA implement best practices and strengthen its capabilities. VEMEC’s work bolsters VA’s ability to care for our Nation’s Veterans during disasters and VA’s ability to assist state and local communities during emergencies.

About NHCRC: The National Healthcare Coalition Resource Center (NHCRC) is founded and operated by three non-profit healthcare coalitions—MESH Coalition, Northern Virginia Hospital Alliance, and the Northwest Healthcare Response Network. NHCRC organizes and sponsors the annual National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference, offers technical assistance to emerging and established healthcare coalitions and provides workshops and training opportunities for coalitions and local and state agencies.