Events & Meetings

The Advancing & Redefining Communities for Emergency Management (ARC) Conference addresses innovative, evidence-based approaches to overcoming today's leading public health preparedness and emergency management challenges. This Conference is a unique forum which brings together public and private sector emergency management professionals to network and learn by:
  • Sharing experiences and solutions
  • Exploring and evaluating new concepts
  • Fostering research that leads to best practices
  • Discussing cross-cutting issues and shared challenges
  • Exploring and discovering innovative collaborative tools
  • Evaluating technology-driven and simple solutions
Attendees include:
  • Leaders from health systems, hospitals, and emergency medical services
  • Government agency decision-makers (e.g., ASPR, DHS, CDC, FDA, Cal OES) working on public health preparedness issues
  • Local and state public health department leadership and staff
  • Leaders in emergency management organizations
  • Homeland security professionals
  • Industry partners
  • Academics and researchers
  • Other partners working with local, state, and federal agencies to build preparedness capacity and competency
ARC Conference is held in partnership with the National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference and expand on opportunities for learning and sharing. This Conference is a unique opportunity to focus on the implementation of healthcare coalitions and coalition activities in our communities. We are thrilled to highlight coalition best practices from across the country and look forward to seeing you all there. See more at: