ARC 2015

Conference PowerPoints for Download

Keynote Address
Kevin Hanretta, MS
Building & Maintaining Resiliency
June Gin, PhD, MA
William York
Disaster Care Coordination for Hospitals
Connie Boatwright, MSN, RN, COL, USA (Ret)
Aram Dobalian, PhD, JD, MPH
Building Resilient Communities with Veterans – Approaches to Community Engagement
Claudia Der-Martirosian, PhD; Mangwi Atia, MEd; William York
Disaster Care Coordination for At-Risk Populations- Children & Families
Rita Burke, PhD, MPH
Derrick Kranke, PhD, MA
Cheryl Levine, PhD
Disaster Care Coordination for At-Risk Populations- Elderly
Jocelyn Montgomery, RN, PHN
Global to Local: Reverse Innovation in Building Coalitions – Lessons Learned from Abroad
Pietro Marghella, DHSc, MSc, MA, MPH(C), CEM
Integrating Individuals Experiencing Homelessness into Disaster Response
June Gin, PhD, MA
Developing a Resilient Workforce – Innovations in Training & HR Policies
Arthur French, MD, FACEP, CAPT, USPHS (Ret)
Anne “Belle” Griffin, MPH, BSN, RN
Cathy Lee-Sellers, BS, CTRS
Measuring Readiness to Promote Resiliency
Tiffany Radcliff, PhD

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